The way to sustainability at the New Normal – Biodegradability Testing

Since the outbreak of the pandemic…
The global demand for masks is soaring. Disposable masks, often contain the plastic polypropylene, take a long time to decompose after being discarded. The plastics also pollute water and can harm wildlife who eat them or become tangled in them. The Intertek team are deeply passionate in supporting their clients and helping them prove their commitment. Even amidst the pandemic, we do our very best in helping our clients meet the criteria so that they will be able to protect our mother nature, while also meeting the most stringent mask requirements.

Intertek’s Green Leaf Mark
Under Intertek’s Green Leak Mark, it is proved that reMatter’s masks are can undergo biodegradation in an oxygen-free environment after being sent to the landfill. The 45-day biodegradation rate of used and discarded reMatter masks is estimated to reach 6.5%. The masks can undergo biodegradation and decompose into water, carbon dioxide and other non-toxic gases, while on average, plastic masks will take up to 450 years to break down.

Intertek’s Green Leaf Mark is a consumer product and systems verification that validates that your environmental claims have been independently verified and can thus be used to enhance the marketability of your product.

With our Green Leaf Mark, manufacturers, brands and retailers can provide business clients and consumers with the confidence that environmental claims concerning their product(s) have been verified by an international, independent third-party testing, auditing and certification body.

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