Powering Hong Kong’s EV-olution

In just over a decade, EVs have transitioned from “curiosity car” status to emerge as the new vehicle of choice for a fast-growing number of car buyers throughout HK.

Inchcape Greater China is right behind this movement and drawing on a long history of motoring sector leadership, and commitment to sustainability through our Responsible Business strategy, we have teamed up with Schneider Electric to boost HK’s EV charging infrastructure.

Together, we are addressing one of the biggest barriers for potential EV buyers – insufficient charging infrastructure throughout HK.

We are pooling resources to launch the new “one-stop” charging service package solutions as part of a strategic partnership agreement signed with Schneider Electric.

While Schneider Electric brings a trusted, globally popular charging solution that is compatible with all EV models, Inchcape has a strong track record in providing charging solutions to private and corporate customers like car park owners, private residential flat owners, and real estate developers. It’s a partnership of complementary strengths that has a tremendous potential upside for both parties on many levels.

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