To green or not to green: A sustainable office on a budget

Companies on the quest for sustainable office design often face a cost conundrum that throws a wrench in their green office plans.

More than half of market leaders surveyed by JLL in Asia Pacific (APAC) are actively pursuing sustainability design criteria in their offices, though one-third of them say that the decision to embrace sustainable design ultimately hinges on the overall project costs.

So, how should companies strike the optimal balance between budget and the implementation of sustainable office design?

Low cost, high impact
Going green doesn’t always have to break the bank. Contrary to popular belief, incorporating sustainable elements into your office design can be surprisingly affordable with simple, cost-effective solutions.

The sustainability trap
In deciding the right green solutions to invest in, companies may fall prey to sustainability gimmicks.

Beyond budget, the true key should lie in impact. Before investing, it’s critical to weigh the environmental benefit and impact that a new solution brings, especially when it calls for the physical office space to be modified or adapted.

People first
To navigate the balancing act between a green office and a tight budget, companies should first prioritise its most valuable resource: its people.

Planning ahead
A truly green office has to be a long-term commitment with employee involvement at its core.

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