Transforming Nan Fung Property Management’s Waste Disposal Patterns into Sustainable Strategies.

Nan Fung Property Management (NFPM) previously faced challenges in collecting accurate waste data for ESG reporting, resulting in delayed processes and inaccurate assessments.

To address this, NFPM implemented GreenBird, an IoT smart waste management solution built on Microsoft Azure. The Sustainability Manager of Nan Fung Property Management (NFPM), Miss Zara Lo said, “Powerful ESG data can serve as a propelling force for fostering a culture of continuous improvement in waste management. GreenBird, powered by Microsoft Azure, is a key partner of NFPM’s ESG journey, facilitating the calculation of waste charges in line with Hong Kong’s waste charging scheme and delivering better data visibility and accuracy to drive ESG transparency and trust among our stakeholders.”

GreenBird can handle large-scale waste data, perform real-time data analytics, and transform data into multi-dimensional visualizations. The solution is scalable, flexible, and easily supports daily operations, allowing for timely and accurate collection of municipal solid waste data and tracking of critical ratios, such as the recycling index. This allows Property Management Companies to better track ESG performance on a per-site per-tenant basis, identify areas for improvement, and implement effective strategies for further waste reduction. With real-time analysis capabilities, sustainability professionals can develop and execute waste charge strategies more accurately and timely to actualize ESG goals.

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