UK partners with Asia Pacific to deliver cleantech

With an increase of climate-conscious consumers, international governments and private sector organisations are pressed towards achieving a net zero carbon economy while striving for greener solutions. The UK is at the forefront of decarbonising transport, power and other industries through pioneering advancements in clean technology, clean hydrogen and carbon capture. In 1990 the UK reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 43%, faster than any G7 nation, during which its economy grew by two-thirds.

The UK’s Ten Point Plan mobilises £12bn in capital investment to advance towards being the world’s number one centre for green technology and finance. This plan envisions electric vehicle technicians in the Midlands, construction and installation workers in the Northeast and Wales, specialists in advanced fuels in the Northwest, agroforestry practitioners in Scotland, and grid system installers everywhere. Just one example of a plan like this took place in 2020, the UK Government launched a £40m venture capital fund to supercharge the development of next generation clean, low carbon technologies.

Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan outlined decarbonisation strategies that closely resonate with the priorities in the UK’s Ten Point Plan, this includes green buildings, zero emission vehicles, and a stronger emphasis on net zero electricity generation through renewables. From floating wind turbines to electric double decker buses, UK companies are collaborating with partners in the Asia Pacific to work towards a global low carbon future.

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