You Cook Delicious !We Express Delicious!

The concept of “Delicious express” started with a elderly in Ma Wan. The founder, Eva, was still the owner of a music store six years ago. She also lives in Ma Wan and she said ” there used to be no markets on the island. Residents had to take the village bus to Tsing Yi or Tsuen Wan to buy food”.

Eva started to buy food for the elderly. Later, she found that many neighbors had this need. The “purchasing service” started with 5 or 6 neighbors, and later developed to more than 30 people. Therefore she decided to open a social media group to deal with it. At that time, there were nearly 500 people. Eva decided to set up a social enterprise, rushed out of Ma Wan, and provided purchasing services in Hong Kong.

“Delicious express” is operate as a certified social enterprise, aim to provide employment opportunities for people with low education and disabilities. Eva allows members to try different positions, and provides flexible working hours to facilitate their follow-up consultation. She said that in the past, people with visual impairment, hearing impairment and the elderly have been hired. Many of them have successfully transferred carrier through their resumes.

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