People & Purpose Theatre

Embracing Shared Value Creation: Transforming Workforce, Fostering Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Building Stronger Communities

Day 1 : 11:10 – 11:20

People & Purpose

To explore how corporations can effectively generate economic value while simultaneously address social and environmental challenges through creating belonging and inclusion in the workplace and building stronger communities in where they serve.

Session Discussion Points
1. The importance of continuous workforce transformation
2. Define DEI in corporate context
3. Emphasis role of corporation in community well-being.


Olivia Wong

General Manager – Environmental & Social Responsibility

Olivia is responsible for formulating and implementing strategies in delivering on the 3 social and environmental objectives in building an inclusive, innovative and sustainable organisation and communities that MTR serves. Before joining MTR, Olivia was the Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion for the Swire group and has held various management positions in Cathay Pacific Airways and Swire Properties.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

I hope that everyone can realise their abilities to support environmental and social changes within their sphere of influence to ensure Hong Kong is recognised as an open and inclusive international city.

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