BEC Circular Transition Theatre

A Circular Economy for Plastic: Global Trends and Development

Day 1 : 11:10 – 11:30


Xiaoting Chen

Programme Manager, PhD

Chen Xiaoting, Program Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (UK) Beijing Representative Office, to lead the Foundation’s Plastic Initiative and policy workstream (circular economy policy and climate effort) in China. Ph.D. in Sustainability Economy from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China.

Chen has over 15 years of working experience in Sustainability and has worked as the Global Coordinator for Greening the Belt and Road Initiative at WWF China, Senior Manager in charge of the Strategic Corridor Program at KPMG China’s Global China Practice, and Senior program manager at Foreign Environmental Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Environment and Ecology of China (FECO/MEE). Published papers on the Study of the Carbon Budget Governance Mechanism, The scientific and political views of the carbon budget for global climate governance, and The Comparison of the 2050 Long-term Low Emission Development Strategies and their Implications, etc.

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