People & Purpose Theatre

Opening Welcome: Rethinking Shared Value

Day 1 : 11:00 – 11:10

Rethinking Shared Value is an interactive learning experience brought to you by Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong. In this track, participants will build knowledge of shared value across different sectors, challenging traditional notions of value. We will explore the importance of building shared value understanding beyond the private sector, and show how partnership and collaboration across private, public and civil sectors underpin shared value success.


Virginia Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Leading private and social enterprises for over 25 years in multilateral, culturally diverse environments, Virginia is passionate about bringing to life innovations that impact our society.

Virginia has a demonstrated track record of securing strategic partnerships between corporations, governments, and non-profits to deliver on social impact projects. She started her career in telecommunications, building satellites, and the distribution of free-to-air television across 60 countries in Asia.

Seeing the uptake firsthand, Virginia focused on education, believing that investing in people is the key driver for impactful change. Bringing together diversity and crossing cultural divides is a pathway to create Shared Value in our world, aligning purpose with profit.

After serving on the board of several educational institutions, Virginia is now a member of the Board of Directors of the Adecco Group Foundation in Switzerland a social innovation lab, incubating and accelerating new solutions in the world of work.

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