People & Purpose Theatre

Opening Welcome: Rethinking Workforce Transformation

Day 1 : 15:00 – 15:05

In line with the global sustainability agenda, shift to a greener economy and emergence of the post-COVID era, the city’s workforce is now finding itself at a crossroad. As current and emerging talents increasingly look to pursue purposive engagements in their career development, opting for jobs that would provide flexibility but also fosters diversity and inclusion, how should business leaders work to align values, improve workplace culture to attract talents, and develop strategies and opportunities for their business to thrive and prosper? 


Katherine Rumble

Director of Partnerships & Development

Katherine brings over 20 years of professional experience, with a multi-sector career spanning private banking, offshore wealth management, UK Government and international nonprofit. Katherine is passionate about real estate, sustainable development and poverty alleviation. She has been involved with the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong since 2019 and is a member of the General Committee, Real Estate Committee and is Chair of the Social Sustainability Committee.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

I would like to see the private sector and the Government of the HKSAR working together to advance the city’s progress towards sustainability and achieving the UN SDGs

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