People & Purpose Theatre

Rethinking Workplace Culture in the New Normal

Day 1 : 15:55 – 16:45

The pandemic has undoubtedly brought on prominent changes in the workplace. As companies adapt to remain competitive and incorporate workplace mobility and hybrid work arrangements, how should business leaders continue the momentum on the conversation of “work” – as a core business strategy that encompasses all levels and facets, both internal and external? What are the opportunities and challenges of creating an environment that promotes wellbeing, transparency and a sense of purpose and belonging for all employees? 


  • How by incorporating flexibility and mobility could business owners enhance the workplace culture? 
  • How could decision makers attract talents and build a more engaged and motivated workforce? 
  •  How could businesses in Hong Kong integrate this change as a part of their strategy for the long-term? 

Post-event actions 

  • Gain insights on how to build a culture of sustainability in your organisation 


Dawn Isaac

Head of Collaboration and Sustainability Lead

Dawn is the Head of Collaboration and Sustainability Lead at Black Dog Consultants. She is also known as the ‘Green Dog’ by others for designing sustainability-themed learning solutions that focus on shifting behaviours and developing mindsets to explore new approaches to sustainability across all levels of organisations. She is a Vice Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce’s Social Sustainability Committee.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Increasing others’ awareness of sustainability opportunities (as well as challenges) to ignite behavioural change to discover new solutions and approaches.

Anita Lo

General Manager

Anita Lo is the General Manager of IETP, a specialist responsible sourcing program. She is responsible for overseeing the Asia operations, monitoring the development & implementation of a robust Supplier Certification, advancing a wide range of capability-building programs to drive supply chain sustainability, and leading scalable worker wellbeing initiatives.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

1. Engage more businesses to foster collaboration in the supply chain on worker well-being and decent work to mitigate labour risks & create better lives for workers

2. Showcase Family-Friendly Factories as scalable and adaptable for suppliers from all sizes & sectors

3. Promote worker voice through IETP’s scalable Worker Helpline service

4. Empower businesses of all sizes to report on their environmental impact

Maggie Ma

General Manager – Corporate Communications

Maggie Ma is General Manager – Corporate Communications, Hang Lung Properties, where she drives its corporate and sustainability communications strategies as well as community investment programs in Hong Kong and mainland China. She also oversees the Company’s corporate branding, government relations and issue management.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

To promote diversity and inclusion in the community through youth empowerment and volunteering programs.

Karen Ng

Regional Head of Expansion & Market Lead Singapore, Hong Kong, ASEAN, and India

Karen Ng is Deel’s Regional Head of Expansion and Market Lead for Singapore, Hong Kong, ASEAN, and India. She is currently driving expansion, and oversees Deel’s business development across Asia, Greater China and India.
Karen is a people manager and business leader with over 15 years of business development experience across technology and hospitality sectors. Prior to joining Deel, she was Regional Head of Commercial at HReasily.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

ESG talent is in short supply and high demand globally. We aim to facilitate seamless hiring for businesses to find the right talent anywhere in the world in order to advance ESG agendas globally.

Pooja Vora

Sales Director

Raised in India & moved to HK in 2013 to manage sales for APAC, Pooja considers herself a flexspace expert after her 14 years’ experience in flex industry. Pooja completed her Masters in HKUST in 2016. Single when she first arrived in HK & now a mother of two beautiful girls, Pooja is the Sales Director and Enterprise Champion in her current profile at IWG. Pooja has worked in two of the best flex operators IWG & Wework.

Driving demand & selling flex as a solution has been keeping her up to feet everyday in the Enterprise Role in IWG.

She loves speaking to corporates about the Hybrid solution they have implemented in their business & how Covid & Flex has changed the dynamics of the way employees work.

In 2009 her largest deal was 12 desks for revenue of £144K & in 2022 it was 143 desks worth £3M. This shows the knowledge she has gained from her experience in the past 14 years with the rise of flex industry.

Reading about AI & crypto is what Pooja is doing to keep up with the Gen Z.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Besides trying to go paperless, using sustainable transport and be mindful of saving energy at work and at home wherever possible Poojas main sustainability goal is educating atleast 15 large corporates to realise the impact they will have on the environment by opting a hybrid workplace solution so that they don’t need to occupy a large traditional space of where only 50% or even less% of their workforce come to office every other day.

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