Finance & Supply Chains Theatre

Charting the Future of Sustainable Investments

Day 1 : 11:15 – 12:05

The world of finance is embracing sustainability like never before. As demand for sustainable investment surges, it’s crucial for investors, companies, and policymakers to understand the latest trends and challenges shaping this field. Join us for an in-depth session exploring the hottest topics in sustainable investment, including ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria, green finance, and impact investing. We’ll dive into how these themes are transforming investment strategies and highlight innovative ways to integrate sustainability into your financial decisions.


  • What are the key strategies for Sustainable Investing?
  • How can businesses learn to understand and navigate regulations?

Post-event Actions

  • Start to understand the skills required to develop Your Sustainable Investment Strategy.
  • Be able to take away the essential information to integrate ESG criteria into your business model.
  • Stay informed on current regulations associated with sustainable investing.
  • Continue Your Sustainable Investment Journey.