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Embodied Carbon – Partnerships to Decarbonize Hong Kong’s Construction Industry

Day 1 : 16:20 – 17:10

Embodied carbon reduction is a complex intertwined problem but can be solved and Industry collaboration is key to establishing common grounds and working towards win-win situations.
With the standardization of specifications and tools will help establish a level playing field and we have the tools available in Hong Kong – now it’s a case of executing!


  • Discuss why embodied carbon is the #1 unsolved challenge facing the construction and property industry, and why this is even more relevant for Hong Kong and similar cities to take care of
  • Discuss what biggest challenges are (eg. Lack of common framework to purchase low-embodied carbon materials, Misaligned data landscape, Lack of supplier data)
  • Discuss role of industry groups in driving topic forward (Proptech alliance, CIC, others)
  • Discuss solutions now available in Hong Kong (Proptech alliance procurement guideline, unified data landscape, collaboration through Proptech alliance)
  • Briefly discuss opportunities for expansion to greater bay area (Relevance of mainland suppliers, Relevance to China’s carbon targets)

Post-event Actions

  • Explore implementing embodied carbon solutions in their projects.
  • Define pilot projects with embodied carbon as a focus area.
  • Participate in various industry coalitions/initiatives now arising.


Liam Salter

RESET Carbon Limited


Liam is Founder and CEO at RESET Carbon Ltd since 2009. RESET offers solutions to companies seeking to measure and reduce their carbon footprint with a focus on Asian markets.

Previously Liam was the Director of WWF’s International’s Asia-Pacific Climate Programme, where he built and managed a ten-country team. At WWF Liam also co-led the design and set-up of the Gold Standard, which is now a leading certification system for project level carbon offsets and other environmental and social attributes.

Liam holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024

  • Our Carbon Leadership Programme for the apparel sector is one of the most innovative decarbonisation programs on the market. We want to accelerate its reach and scale up to deliver it across 350 manufacturing sites by the end of 2024.
  • Our work with the HK Proptech Alliance and Construction Industry Council is designed to promote procurement of low carbon construction materials through a dedicated Working Group.  Our goal in 2024 is to launch initial Procurement Guidelines to the market and secure long term funding for this initiative.

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