Exploring Green Energy Transition in Hong Kong

Day 1 : 14:25 – 15:15

This panel aims to revolutionize Hong Kong’s energy landscape by exploring innovative solutions for a more livable city while achieving carbon neutrality. By bringing together a group of visionary experts, including forward-thinking consultants, energy disruptors, pioneering developers, and impactful non-governmental organizations (NGOs), this session will delve into groundbreaking opportunities to catalyze the energy transition in the whole value chain. From disruptive technologies like microgrids, building management systems, and blockchain-enabled energy systems to game-changing options such as hydrogen and advanced energy storage, the panel will uncover groundbreaking ideas that can transform Hong Kong’s energy paradigm. Join us to be inspired by the visionary minds shaping Hong Kong’s sustainable future and discover how innovation can pave the way for a greener, smarter, and more livable Hong Kong.