Change Makers Stage

From Theory to Practice: Experiential Learning for Social Impact

Day 1 : 11:15 – 12:05

This session highlights the importance of experiential learning, such as community projects and social enterprise internships, in giving students real-world experience in creating social impact.


  • Importance of Experiential Learning
    • Why is experiential learning important for creating social impact?How can community projects and social enterprise internships provide real-world experience to students?
  • Benefits for Students
    • What are the key benefits of experiential learning for students aiming to make a social impact? How does experiential learning enhance a student’s understanding of social issues and solutions?
  • Implementation Challenges
    • What challenges do educational institutions face in implementing experiential learning programs?How can these challenges be overcome to ensure students gain meaningful experience?
  • Role of Educators and Organizations
    • What role do educators and organizations play in facilitating experiential learning for social impact?How can they collaborate to provide impactful learning experiences for students?

Post-event Actions

  • With growing expectations for industries to focus on social impact, what upcoming career opportunities does your organization offer?
  • How can we support and empower young people and professionals in this field?

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