BEC Business Transformation Theatre

Kwun Tong 2.0: What’s the Recipe For a Central Social District?

Day 2 : 12:30 – 13:20

Kwun Tong is undergoing rapid transformation as urban renewal projects move to completion and new recreational spaces are open to the public. Public agencies have played an active role throughout the process, yet how might businesses and community stakeholders harness the synergy brought by these opportunities to create a vibrant district for all?


  • Central Social District: a hub for urban social interactions and community participation
  • Public-private partnerships: how could business complement with policy directions and public initiatives to co-create a vibrant district
  • Creating linkage between anchor spaces: how could different landmarks collaborate together to address diverse community needs and wants?

Post-event Actions

  • Aligning your interest with the neighbourhood’s unique development goals
  • How can we leverage the different geographic locations to offer different activities in the neighbourhood?


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