BEC Business Transformation Theatre

Sham Shui Po by Design: Can We Go Beyond Philanthropy?

Day 2 : 11:40 – 12:30

With support from businesses and community stakeholders, Sham Shui Po has become an exemplar of resilient neighbourhoods. Breaking away from the beneficiary-giver dichotomy, gaaifongs are empowered to shape their livelihoods and be champions of their neighbourhoods. How did the systematic shift come about, and how could it be realised?


  • Community support system being put in place: how gaaifongs have stepped up to lead and contribute to the neighbourhood
  • Measuring “S” in ESG: capturing social progress with rigorous research support
  • Mobilising different forms of capital for impact: leveraging unusual partnerships between philanthropists, corporates, gaaifongs, and community organisers to respond to evolving community needs

Post-event Actions

  • Community mapping: what are the existing community stakeholders that my business can collaborate with in the neighbourhood?
  • Moonshot goal: what are the long-term changes you hope to see in the community?



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