BEC Business Transformation Theatre

Reimagining our Third Sector: Building Cross-Sector Sandboxes in Neighbourhoods

Day 2 : 10:50 – 11:40

How has the third sector – in particular nonprofit organisations (NPOs) – evolved to respond to increasingly complex social challenges in the city? Through in-depth case sharing from NPOs, we will understand how NPOs have leveraged partnerships with the private sector to develop prototypes that respond to community needs, combining NPOs’ strength in synthesising community intelligence and corporates’/families’ capital.


  • The importance of community-centric innovation: rooted in communities, these cross-sector sandboxes correspond to community needs
  • An inspiration for talent engagement: by harnessing cross-sector talents’ expertise, we can forge new pathways for talents to contribute to social causes
  • Empowering our stakeholders: by engaging community stakeholders, social solutions developed through cross-sector sandboxes will not only tackle community needs but also empower the community stakeholders involved, ensuring long-term success

Post-event Actions

  • Breaking silos: how can businesses proactively engage third sector organisations for community solutions? How could parties align their interests and objectives in developing mutually beneficial partnerships?
  • Rethinking businesses’ relationships with local communities: In what ways does my business contribute to a locality’s wellbeing?


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