Finance & Supply Chains Theatre

Maintaining the Ambition for Net Zero During Economic Uncertainty

Day 1 : 11:15 – 12:05

In an era marked by economic uncertainty, it is important to delve into the strategies that will enable us to achieve net-zero and secure long-term success. The current landscape of uncertainty presents a unique opportunity for innovation, empowering businesses to not only enhance their profitability but also build resilience through strategic transition planning and investment.

Join us for an engaging panel session that will explore the opportunities that arise from investing in decarbonization activities. We will delve into the imperative for businesses to transition and maintain their relevance in the ever-evolving market. Additionally, we will shed light on the vital role played by partners and banks in supporting customers throughout their transformative journey towards sustainability.


  • What are the key resources/tools required from bank and ecosystems partners to assist customers in their transition?
  • How can businesses learn to understand and navigate economic uncertainty?
  • What unique strategies can businesses use in their transition planning?
  • How can sustainable investing support the transition to net-zero?

Post-event Actions

  • Start to understand the skills required to develop Your Sustainable Investment Strategy.
  • Be able to take away the essential information to integrate ESG criteria into your business model.
  • Understand how to remain relevant and on track with transition planning.
  • Prioritize actions based on impact and feasibility. Consider quick wins alongside long-term initiatives and align these actions with your organization’s core competencies.


Wesley Choi

qonvolv Ventures


Wesley has over 20 years of general management and investment experience, and is currently President of qonvolv Ventures, established in 2023, the corporate ventures arm of Tessellation Group. qonvolv Ventures aims to be the hub of industry knowledge and technologies for innovative growth in fashion industry and beyond, and conducts both incubation of creative solutions as new businesses and investments in emerging technologies in manufacturing excellence, digital value chain, green tech, and enablement of future workforce.

Previously Wesley spent over six years with Esquel Group, having taken on various positions including Chief of Staff to Chairman, Head of Corporate Communications, and Head of Group Finance before establishing Esquel Ventures in January, 2022.

Prior to joining Esquel, Wesley was an Executive Director of China Infrastructure Partners Fund and Bank of China International Private Equity, evaluating and investing in private equity opportunities with Greater China and Asia angles. Wesley also worked in investments and M&A at Oaktree Capital and Alibaba, after having started his career as a management consultant at Bain & Company.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Wesley obtained his Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Civil Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

I hope to see HK implement measures to:
– have much more and practical smart energy systems to reduce utility use in buildings (e.g. air conditioning)
– much more progressive and aggressive plastic collection, separation and recycling initiatives that are practical, likely requiring PPP


Vincent De Givry



Vincent is a specialist in energy transition for businesses and financial institutions. He has been for 2 years with Blunomy, a strategy advisory firm based in Hong Kong. Prior to this, he spent 30 years working in industry, the last 5 of which were spent transforming business portfolios with a low carbon offering. He is passionate about analysing opportunities, changing business models, building coalitions and looking in detail at the challenges to successful decarbonisation. He has strong expertise in the Asian market, advising some major companies on their energy and climate transition.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

Support Hong Kong in drawing up a solid roadmap for energy transition that can be rapidly activated and that will enable the city to become a world leader and a green benchmark