Navigating People-centric Smart Mobility

Day 2 : 11:15 – 12:05

In the quest for sustainable urban development, public transportation is pivotal in the decarbonization effort. Hong Kong exemplifies this with a staggering 90% public transport ridership. Yet, the city faces a paradox: the number of private vehicles is surging, exacerbating congestion and undermining the reliability and efficiency of public transport system. Compounding the issue is the antiquated and restrictive design of public transport interchanges, which deters the public’s preference for mass transit. 

The panel discussion will center around smart people-centric mobility and its aim to explore innovative initiatives that enhance the user experience of public transportation, ultimately promoting increased usage. Our panelists, esteemed experts in their respective fields, will engage in a comprehensive discussion on a wide range of initiatives and strategies that have the potential to positively impact public transportation. Specifically, they will delve into areas such as data accessibility, infrastructure improvements, and provisions for individuals with special needs, all with the overarching objective of making public transport more appealing, accessible, and attractive to the general public. 


  • Initiatives focused on enhancing passenger comfort, convenience, and overall satisfaction can promote increased usage of public transportation. 
  • The importance of accessible data in designing initiatives and strategies to meet the evolving needs of users should not be underestimated. 
  • Provisions for special needs are essential to ensure that public transportation is equitable and inclusive. 

Post-event Actions 

  • Identify areas of improvement for user experience for HK public transportation 
  • Partner with sustainability experts and organisations to stay up-to-date on the latest digital innovations and best practices for achieving people-centric mobility. 


Jens-Peter Brauner

Siemens Mobility Limited

Chief Executive Officer

Jens-Peter is an expert in the transportation sector for 30 years and a Fellow of IET.

He has degrees in electrical engineering and economic psychology, because for him, technology and people belong together, especially when it comes to digital transformation and the application of artificial intelligence.

By living and working throughout Europe, America and Asia, he became passionate about diversity and leveraging cultural synergies for the development of disruptive innovations.
As the CEO of Siemens Mobility in Hong Kong, he is working with his team and local partners to turn Hong Kong into a sustainable and smart city.

Holding patents by himself, he is always looking for bright ideas and supports talents and their visions. And still today he is dealing with latest technologies and is using AI for developing apps by himself, just for fun.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

To accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility and energy-optimized operations for mass transit and properties

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