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Sustainability Partnerships in Facilities Management

Day 2 : 14:15 – 15:05

Sustainability in facilities management extends beyond individual efforts, requiring robust partnerships across the supply chain. “Sustainability Partnerships in Facilities Management” will explore the collaborative approaches essential for achieving sustainability goals. This session will highlight the importance of aligning with like-minded partners, from suppliers to service providers, to create an ecosystem. Attendees will learn about the benefits of sustainability partnerships, strategies for building and maintaining these relationships, and real-world examples of successful collaborations.



  • Importance of partnerships in achieving sustainability goals.
  • Strategies for selecting and collaborating with sustainability partners.
  • Benefits and challenges of sustainable supply chain management.
  • Examples of successful sustainability partnerships in facilities management.
  • Future trends in sustainable collaborations.

 Post-event Actions

  • Identify potential partners who align with their sustainability goals.
  • Develop criteria for selecting sustainable partners.
  • Create a collaborative framework for ongoing partnership management.
  • Monitor and report on the impact of sustainable partnerships.


Melanie Cheng

JEB Group

Sustainable Solutions Strategist

Melanie is the Sustainable Solutions Strategist at JEB Group & Sustainable Office Solutions, she possesses a unique blend of design knowledge and a deep passion for sustainability. Having studied architecture in both Hong Kong and London, Melanie brings a diverse perspective to the industry.

Her journey towards sustainability began with a strong personal commitment, starting with personal lifestyle changes. Recognizing the crucial role industries play in driving sustainable practices, Melanie cofounded a sustainable product start-up and explored the intersection of architecture and sustainability in previous roles.

Since 2019, Melanie has focused her efforts on sustainability advisory, developing expertise in project management with a track record of successful delivery of supply chain projects addressing human rights and environmental risks. She has worked across a wide range of industries, from finance and property development to manufacturing, F&B, and waste management, Melanie has consistently demonstrated her ability to implement sustainable practices to make a positive impact.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

  • More enforced regulations from government to accelerate ambitious climate action in the business sector.
  • Higher quality education and awareness building around sustainability to inspire and empower individuals in Hong Kong to be part of the change!

Phoebe Leung

Swire Properties

Senior Sustainable Development Manager

Phoebe Leung is the Senior Sustainable Development Manager of Swire Properties. Her work involves supporting the Company’s Sustainable Development (SD) 2030 Strategy as well as action plans and programmes to improve the company’s overall SD performance.

She leads the planning and execution of Swire Properties’ SD tenant engagement strategy and bespoke tenant programmes, such as the Green Performance Pledge and Green Kitchen Initiative, fostering landlord-tenant partnerships to incorporate sustainability throughout the design, fit-out and occupancy stages.

In addition, she drives the Company’s Resource and Circularity Taskforce, made up of representatives from portfolio teams and hotels, to regularly analyse waste performance and facilitate new initiatives. She leads the development of new partnerships and innovations to design out waste, encourage reuse and enhance resource recovery. Her recent projects include the Taikoo Place Smart Reusable Cup and Food Box Programme, and launching the Smart Waste Reduction Challenge which utilises smart scales and a digital engagement platform to gamify the Company’s collective sustainability journey with tenants.

Phoebe is a Chartered Environmentalist and also holds a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University.

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