Change Makers Stage

Synergizing Futures: Mutual Growth Through Young Professional Engagement in NGOs and SEs

Day 1 : 12:05 – 12:55

This session explores strategies and initiatives that NGOs and Social Enterprises (SEs) can implement to attract, train, and empower young professionals and professionals-to-be. It also highlights how these organizations can leverage the unique skills, enthusiasm, and innovative perspectives of young talent to drive their vision and mission, fostering a new generation of impact-driven leaders.


  • Bridging the Gap: From Education to Action
    • How can educational institutions collaborate with NGOs/SEs to offer experiential learning opportunities in social impact fields?
    • What opportunities exist for students to engage in meaningful action and social impact projects during their academic studies?
  • Cultivating Competencies: Enhancing Skills for Social Impact
    • How can NGOs and SEs foster a sense of belonging and inclusion among young professionals to enhance both individual satisfaction and organizational loyalty?
    • How can the dynamic exchange between young professionals and NGOs/SEs lead to the creation of innovative solutions and approaches to addressing social challenges?
  • Navigating Challenges: Aligning Aspirations with Organizational Goals
    • What challenges do NGOs and SEs face in aligning their organizational goals with the aspirations of young professionals, and how can these challenges be overcome?

Post-event Actions

  • Explore how your company and industry can partner with social entrepreneurship initiatives and NGOs by engaging young professionals.

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