Change Makers Stage

The Catalysts of Change: Empowering Young Professionals to Drive Organizational Social Impact

Day 1 : 13:55 – 14:45

This session examines the unique position and potential of young professionals in driving social impact within their organizations and beyond their job functions.aders.


  • Influence and Potential
    • How can young professionals spearhead social impact initiatives within their organizations? What capacity do young professionals have to drive social change and innovation?
  • Current Landscape
    • What is the current state of young professional engagement in organizational social impact initiatives? How are organizations currently leveraging the talents of young professionals for social impact?
  • Barriers to Engagement
    • What are the main barriers young professionals face in contributing to social impact, and how can they be overcome? How can organizations help young professionals overcome these barriers to engagement in social impact initiatives?
  • Organizational Support
    • How can organizations create environments that support and amplify the social impact efforts of young professionals? What strategies can organizations implement to foster a culture of social impact among young professionals?

Post-event Actions

  • Review current engagement levels of young professionals in social impact within your organization and identify areas for enhancement.

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