2023 Brochure released!

Yoo-Kyung Park

APAC Head of Responsible Investment & Governance

APG Asset Management

Yoo-Kyung Park is Asia-Pacific head of the Global Responsible Investment and Governance Team at APG Asset Management Asia, an asset manager for Dutch pension funds, based in Hong Kong. Her main role is to oversee portfolios and implement Responsible Investment Policies on behalf of APG clients. Asset classes under her responsibility include: listed equities, listed real estate, infrastructure, and private/strategic real estate investments. She covers the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan and Australia, and actively engages with portfolio companies, market regulators/exchanges, and other institutional investors on corporate governance, environmental and social issues. Prior to APG, she was a securities analyst at international investment banks such as Barings Securities and KEB Salomon Smith Barney. She has covered a range of industry sectors including power/gas utilities, consumer, transportation, and heavy industries such as steel, chemicals and refining.

My Sustainability Goals for 2021:

To help companies make brave decisions to shut down coal fired power facilities.