BSI Pacific Limited

BSI is the world’s first National Standards Body established in 1901 and a founding member of ISO. BSI is leading standard development in the areas of sustainable finance and decarbonization. We help clients further their own contribution to the UN SDGs, offering assurance, regulatory and consulting services.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  • As a International Standard certification body, BSI would like to provide Sustainability knowledge to the market to achieve carbon neutrality (SGD 4 Quality Education)
  • BSI is an Sustainability achievement partner and provide the governance on building up the Sustainability Strategy (SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals)
  • BSI is acting as guidance advisor on building Sustainable Cities and communities with related standard governance on data and securities (SGD 11 Sustainable cities and communities)
  • BSI is providing industry insight for compliance and governance to innovate and influence the industry sustainability change (SGD 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure)

Solutions Showcase:

  • Carbon Management/Carbon Offset
  • Green Finance & Investments
  • ICT & Data Solutions
  • Sustainability Services
  • Sustainable Products

UN SDG goals that we align with:

  • SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • SDG 13 Climate Action
  • SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals

Legal Name: BSI Pacific Limited

General Enquiry Email Address:

General Enquiry Phone Number: 31493300