Change Makers Stage

Integrating STEAM Education for Next Generations of Sustainability Practitioners

Day 2 : 11:35 – 12:25

Conventionally, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education provides a foundation to support sustainability initiatives from a more technical perspective. Incorporating Arts into STEM (STEAM education) provides new perspectives and facilitates a more holistic approach to developing and supporting sustainability initiatives the focus of which goes beyond addressing environment-related issues by taking into consideration economic and social aspects.

This session strives to showcase the importance of STEAM education in cultivating critical and innovative thinking, equipping youth with problem-solving skills and holistic development to tackle burning problems with respect to sustainability.

On the other hand, this session aims to initiate a conversation on possible collaborations that businesses can pursue to integrate STEAM education for sustainable workforce development.


  • How does STEAM education enhance the quality of the workforce in sustainability careers?
  • How does STEAM empower and propel sustainability innovation in organisations?
  • How and what collaborations can businesses explore to integrate STEAM education to foster a sustainable workforce?

Post-Event Actions:

  • Reflect on and revise your organisation’s requirements for talent and alignment of in-house education and training programmes.
  • Consider the composition of teams working on developing or incorporating sustainable solutions. How can the composition of such teams be diversified in a way that would drive innovation?
  • Explore collaborations to integrate STEAM education for sustainable workforce development.

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