Six ways cities can become more resilient and sustainable

From discussions with senior city leaders in 12 cities and the results of pulse surveys of 6,000 citizens in those same cities, which revealed that leaders are treating the issues they face as a springboard for reinventing their cities in innovative and just ways. We have identified three key actions they are taking and three prerequisites for their success.

The Three key actions being taken:

1. Creating livable neighborhoods with decentralized jobs, amenities and green spaces.

2. Expanding urban transport to improve access.

3. Adapting to climate shocks today while building resilience for tomorrow

The Three prerequisites for success are:

1. Establishing trust through vision, stakeholder engagement and collaboration led by leaders.

2. Meaningful citizen participation at the right time, in the right ways

3. Creating the right mindset and ecosystems including leveraging digital technologies and data.

Further, case studies from selected cities such as Singapore, Vancouver, and Copenhagen show trends in electrifying transport, adapting to climate change, and using nature-based solutions. These interlinked actions create a virtuous circle where sustainability and economic growth reinforce each other, making cities better places to live and do business.

To strive to resilient and sustainable, we suggest three questions city leaders can ask:

What role are open spaces playing in our city’s equity strategy?

How are we bringing people together so they can contribute at every stage of the development process?

How are we financing and building the infrastructure that will protect our city and its citizens from climate change?

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