Prof. Alain JF Chiaradia

Prof. Alain JF Chiaradia

Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design

Vice President

Alain Chiaradia is Vice president of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design, Associate Professor and Deputy Head at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Urban Planning and Design. He specializes in network-based morphometrics and design thinking to explore the health, social, economic, and environmental impacts of urban design and transport. Chiaradia is the founding lead co-author of the 3D Spatial Design Network Analysis software (3D sDNA), used globally by urban professionals and researchers. His applied research on the impacts of the built environment has been internationally recognized as having “outstanding impacts in terms of their reach and significance.” Chiaradia is also the Programme Director of the Master of Science in Urban Design and Transport at HKU.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

Supports sustainability objectives of creating all weather more liveable, pedestrian-friendly cities and reducing emissions from transportation.
Sustainable urban planning and transport policies that balance economic development with environmental considerations.
Support for exemplary data-driven insights on how urban design affects liveability, health, and wellbeing.